We are proud to announce that Online Web-based Learning - otherwise known as OWL - is now available for your Chemistry course.

Welcome to the OWL website! This is the place to learn more about the content management system that is currently leading the way in technology solutions for Chemistry.

Once you've discovered OWL, you'll no longer find yourself wasting time using systems that just seem to create extra work for you. Instead, you'll see how OWL can help you to:

  • improve students' comprehension of the subject
  • improve students' pass rate
  • save time - OWL is a flexible content management system that suits your teaching and course needs!
  • assess students' needs, both individually and as a class
  • use a system that is specific to Chemistry
  • eliminate students' ability to cheat - all questions are chemically and numerically parameterised
  • use a content management system that will suit the whole department

Take this opportunity to explore the site and discover why this system is internationally renowned as the best content management system for Chemistry.

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